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Leadership with history
With 100 years experience in the paints and varnishes market, CIN is regarded as a benchmark in the field of research. It has always led the way in creating new trends for the markets where it operates.

Below are some importante dates of the CIN's history:

1917 - The founding of Companhia Industrial do Norte, SARL, the first company linked with the CIN brand.

1926 - The formation of CIN - Corporação Industrial do Norte, Lda.

1950 - Achieved market leadership in industrial finishes.

1970 - Strong growth in decorative paints. Internationalisation of CIN started with the establishment of Tintas CIN Angola, S.A.

1973 - Creation of Tintas CIN Moçambique, SARL.

1988 - Flotation of capital on the stock market and listing on the LSE.

1989 - Acquisition of Fábrica de Tintas Lacose, Lda.

1990 - Acquisition of Sotinco from Sociedade de Tintas de Construção Tinco, SA.

1994 - Acquisition of 47.36% of the share capital of Barnices Valentine.

1996 - Acquisition of Cros Pinturas. Increase of stake in Barnices Valentine (+11%).

1997 - Joint venture with DISA - Corporación Petrolífera, S.A. to create DISA Pinturas, S.A., with a shareholding of 50% in the company.

1999 - Acquisition of 98% of the share capital of Barnices Valentine.

2000 - Acquisition of 99.7% of NITIN - Nova Indústria de Tintas, S.A.

2001 - Acquisition of 100% of DISA Pinturas, SA. Name of DISA Pinturas, SA changed to Pinturas CIN Canárias, S.A.

2002 - 33.6% stake in share capital of Artilin, SA, increased to 42.6% in 2003.

2005 - Acquisition of Ibercoat from Tintas em Pó, SA.

2006 - Acquisition of Proitesa - Productos Industriales, de Tenerife.

2007 - Acquisition of the industrial finishes divisions of Robbialac and Martolar SA. Owns 100% of Artilin. Acquisition of 100% of French firm Celliose, SA. Acquisition of 100% of Industrias de La Pintura.

2010 - Official opening of CIN's new Research and Development centre in Maia.

2012 - Expansion of industrial capacity of Megadur, powder coatings for industry, in Maia.

2013 - Implementation of CIN Coatings México, for sales and provision of services in the anticorrosion field.

2014 - The creation of CIN Coatings África do Sul, intended to boost the brand?s intervention in the area of Protective Coatings.
- Implementation of NAVIS, a company founded by CIN and BBDouro to provide specialist paints for the nautical market.

2015 - CIN heads for Turkey, through the establishment of a business unit, CIN COATINGS TURQUIA, based in Istanbul.

2016 -The CIN group acquires the French group, MONOPOL, which operates in the general industry, glass, industrial bodywork and aeronautics segments.
-CIN overhauls its corporate identity and thereby strengthens the brand's values and tailors its logo to the new positioning.
-CIN Indústria, S.A., became known as CIN INDUSTRIAL COATINGS, S.A. and adopted the new corporate identity of the CIN brand.

2017 - Acquisition of GOVESAN, a Spanish company based in Madrid.